What People Are Saying About Against The Grain...

What the Viewers are Saying...

"...I was glued to the whole story..."

Lincoln almost had me crying. Bob had me laughing. I was glued to the whole story.
-- Colette Elouardighi, Bloomington, Minnesota

"...PLEASE WATCH! You’ll be glad you did!..."

I encourage you to find out when it will air in your city/town and if it’s not scheduled, push your local stations to give you good programming like it! They have lots of airings coming up in the next couple of weeks. PLEASE WATCH! You’ll be glad you did!
-- From the blog of Janice Person

"My eyes were opened..."

Our family was the one of farms shown in ATG documentary and I wasn't sure how it would be perceived by others but today at work I had fellow coworkers say to me I didn't know the adversity that the American Farmers are experiencing even though they live in a rural area. A colleague said it was gut wrenching to see the loss of land and crops and he stated "My eyes were opened to what the farmer goes through just to put food on our table and the world's... what can I do?" It definitely made people think and want to know more about the agricultural community .
I hope that other Americans learn where their food comes from and the important role that American Family Farm plays in their lives every day.
Thanks to the crew and the people who made this documentary possible. You truly are a friend to Agriculture.
-- Sue, from Nevada, Missouri

"...this show is sure to be a hit!"

I watched the premiere last night and this show is sure to be a hit! That is if people really care about where their food comes from. I'm sure after this year's drought they will start to realize it with the higher costs.
-- Jennifer, who raises beef cattle in western Missouri.

What the Media are Saying...

"Don't miss series..."

Yes, in general, we may know the problem that farmers have been facing, but do we realize the constant angst that has followed? This show is our chance to learn. Even though we may be bankers, teachers, journalists, etc., the fear in the field is our problem, too. Take 60 minutes on Sunday to recognize a devastation that’s literally right under our noses and has the capacity to defeat our family dinners.

“Against the Grain” is our problem, too.

 Click here to read her whole post. (Click here for a pdf of the page.)

-- Angela Tewalt
Sioux Falls Argus-Leader

"...makes for great television."

AGAINST THE GRAIN: THE YEAR MOTHER NATURE STRUCK BACK captures the passion, emotion and challenges faced by farmers and that makes for great television. The story is both interesting and timely. With this year's drought in full view across the country, this special will showcase how people overcome great odds every year to harvest the best crop possible and sustain their livelihood and families. It's a story full of humanity and personality and one that we are proud to broadcast on the Journal Broadcast Group stations.

Jim Thomas
VP, Marketing and Programming
Journal Broadcast Group