Farm Poetry

I’m Not Afraid of Anything

I’m not afraid of anything!

You’ll never see me cry.

I’ll drive the fastest tractor.

I’ll swat the biggest fly.

I’m not afraid of billy goats.

I’ll pick up any mouse.

I wouldn’t mind if angry bulls

were running through my house.

You’ll never hear me screaming

when bees buzz in my ear.

A crow will never scare me.

I don’t have any fear.

I’ll ride a bucking bronco.

I’ll climb the highest heights.

Just promise me, when I’m in bed,

you won’t shut off the lights!

Living Art

The art teacher gave us

a paintbrush and paint

and told us to paint something cool,

but I got detention

for painting the hooves

and the ears on a pig and a mule!

Our Grandma Kissed A Pumpkin

Our grandma kissed a pumpkin on a Friday afternoon.

She also kissed a donkey and a giant red balloon.

I saw her kiss a scarecrow eating cookies with a queen.

She kissed us in these costumes at our house on Halloween!

Apple Mania

Apples, Apples,
red and round.
Watch them fall
and hit the ground.

Apples yellow.
Apples green.
Apples bob
on Halloween.

Apple cider
Apple juice
Save a cup
for Mother Goose.

Apple jam
and apple jelly.
Apple toast
inside my belly.

Apple cobbler.
Apple pie.
You’re the apple
of my eye.

Simply Perfect

My mom thinks I’m the perfect son,

but little does she know,

I took my sister’s cowgirl boots

and filled them up with snow.

I put a bullfrog in her bed

and stuffed her clothes with hay.

I left a dozen chicken eggs

inside her purple sleigh.

My sister wasn’t happy

when I hid her baby bunny.

It may have been a bad idea

to dip her dolls in honey.

She didn’t like the spinach

that I grew inside her hat.

My mom thinks I’m the perfect son,

... now let’s just work on Dad!

Who Am I?

Instead of an apple or turkey on rye,

I’d rather eat crickets or swallow a fly.

A fly is nutritious. It makes me feel great.

I love eating flies when I’m out on a date.

I don’t like spaghetti. I don’t care for fish.

Just serve me a handful of flies on a dish.

I’ll eat them in weather that’s muggy or foggy—

It’s great to be me – I’m a fly loving froggy!

My April 1 Birthday Present

I asked for a hen house

with thousands of eggs,

a few hundred horses

with powerful legs,

a field full of cattle,

a barn full of wool,

but ended up getting

to say APRIL FOOL!

At the Vet

My pony wasn’t happy

when I took her to the vet.

The doctor’s pointy needle

made her crabby and upset.

Although the shot was harmless,

she still acted like a grump.

However, she felt better,

when she kicked the doctor’s rump!


About Darren Sardelli

Darren Sardelli is an award-winning poet and children's book author. Darren's poems are featured in 12 books in the US and the UK, as well as various other publications including school year books. Aside from writing, Darren enjoys bungee jumping, cliff diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, and building snowmen. He is a huge fan of ice hockey, and has played hockey in Germany, France, England, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and Canada. Darren lives on Long Island, Long Beach, New York. During the school year, Darren visits schools all over the country. His assemblies and workshops have inspired thousands of students to start writing funny poetry. Read Darren’s new book,”Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie”. Learn more about Darren at