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Farmers on TV in Los Angeles

Tell your city cousins... Against The Grain will be broadcast on KLCS-TV, Los Angeles. KLCS-TV is the 5th largest PBS station in the nation.

Put a farmer in the mail for Christmas!

Well, maybe not a farmer... but a DVD with the complete pilot episode of "Against The Grain: The year Mother Nature struck back." Click here to purchase a copy (or two or ten), or you can contact us with questions or to find out about bulk orders. Call Kluis Publishing at 888-345-2855.

More video from Against The Grain!

Because we know that one hour wasn't enough... we've got more film footage! We've started posting more film clips... out-takes, background, and extended interviews. Click here for the video page and enjoy!

Farming is a dangerous job...

Not all hogs get to the size of the hogs that ate this Oregon farmer. Hog farmers are very aware that their animals are omnivores, meaning they will eat meat, vegetables, grain, or many things. In the 'old days', pigs were given the kitchen scraps--the slop--which could include everything from bones to milk to potato peels. Note that 'guinea pigs' are not actually pigs; they are vegetarians.

San Francisco, here we come...

Sept 28: Americans have always loved to watch farmers on TV, and TV stations in San Francisco and Los Angeles agree. We are proud to report that two large California PBS stations have signed up to show "Against The Grain". In Los Angeles, watch for ATG on KLCS-TV. One out of every ten TV viewers in LA watch KLCS each week, and KLCS-TV is the only PBS station broadcasting from Los Angeles. In San Francisco Bay area, watch for ATG on KRCB-22 PBS, broadcasting from headquarters next to the Pacific Coast Highway.

Just in time for early harvest...

Sept 28: US farmers will complete this year's harvest in record time. But don't worry--here's something to fill that extra time after the combines are cleaned, waxed, and put away: Farming Simulator 2013. This new edition of the realistic video game will be released in October. It's from Switzerland, so prepare yourself for some fun international equipment brands including (and we're not joking) Lamborghini tractors. No word yet on their top speed.

ATG producer Robb Weller interviewed on KSTP!

Sept 26: Our very own Hollywood star, Robb Weller, was interviewed yesterday by Vineeta Sawkar on KSTP TV here in Minneapolis. Well done Robb!

Missouri audiences say, "Show Me!"

Sept 25: Missouri audiences got to watch Against The Grain, and read about it in the paper as well. Read the St Louis Post-Dispatch story here , "Missouri farmers star in documentary" (or see the PDF of the story here.)

Do you read the Old Farmer's Almanac?

If you need advice on your GPS settings, soil micronutrient profile, seed variety selection, or 2013 grain marketing strategy, you won't find help in the 221-year-old Old Farmer's Almanac from New Hampshire. Still, it sells, with a print run nearly twice as large as the number of US farms. Read the story by journalist Lindsey Anderson here.

USDA documentary wins Venice prize... in 1938!

September 24: Don't miss this moving documentary short (32 minutes), "The River", produced by filmmaker Pare Lorentz for the USDA in 1937. The text for the documentary, also written by Lorentz, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in poetry the same year.

Beef Products Inc sues ABC News

September 15: South Dakota-based Beef Products Inc (BPI) has sued ABC News for defamation over the ABC coverage of BPI's lean, finely textured beef, dubbed 'pink slime' by critics. See the story here.

Politicians argue while farmers harvest

The current US Farm Bill is due to expire at the end of September. The cost of the bill, most of which is used for food stamp programs, is under debate in Washington DC. Read more here.

Poet sponsors Against The Grain!

It takes a Poet to recognize quality TV programming. Poet, the Sioux Falls-based energy company, gave their first interview reporting their sponsorship of "Against The Grain". See the story here by Ashley Kringen of KDLT (or here for pdf). The pilot episode of the show was broadcast by KDLT TV this weekend in Sioux Falls, and is scheduled to be re-broadcast four more times (September 23rd at 11:00 a.m. and October 7th, 14th and 21st at noon.)

More farm TV stars: "I'm Farming and I Grow It!"

We just can't get enough of these dancing farm boys! Click here to watch "I'm Farming and I Grow It", by the Peterson farm brothers from Saline County, Kansas, . And click here to read a news story by Beccy Tanner of the Wichita Eagle.

We are fans of Little Fred... Farm video star!

Who knew farming could be so... danceable! Don't miss this farm-boy video from Little Fred. Click here to see his 'farm dance' parody called "Farm It Maybe". Enjoy!

High-tech hope for dairy farms

Life on a dairy farm is tough in so many ways. That might get better, thanks to advances in dairy robotics. The new robots even let the cows make their own decisions about when to be milked. Read the story by Daniela Hernandez here (or see the pdf here).

Movie about Iowa farmers makes debut in Venice, Italy

Who says farmers are boring? Not this movie, that's for sure. The film 'At Any Price' will debut this week at prestigious film festivals in Venice, Italy, and Telluride, Colorado. Click here to read the AP news story by Colleen Barry, "'At Any Price' transports lush Iowa to Venice". No word yet about when it will play in Iowa. We'll be watching for it!

Alaska wants farmers!

We are pleased to report that we have added Alaska to our roster of US TV stations that will show Against The Grain! Tune in to ATG on KTVA/CBS-11 Anchorage, or KTVF/NBC-11 Fairbanks.  Be sure to check the TV Schedule map often for stations where you--or your friends and relatives--live. We continue to add new locations, re-broadcasts, and time and date details as we receive them. With Alaska, this brings our total to 32 states who will broadcast Against The Grain. And it's just the beginning...

National 4-H joins Buffett in 'Invest an Acre' program

Two important ag organizations are joining the fight against hunger. The National 4-H Council and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation are becoming partners. Howard Buffett will become a 4-H trustee, and 4-H is joining Buffett's Invest an Acre program. Read the whole story here...

ATG will be at NAMA... will you?

Join Against The Grain executive producer (and Hollywood big wheel!) Robb Weller at the September 28 NAMA meeting in Minneapolis. NAMA, the National Agri-Marketing Association, is the nation's largest professional association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness. Look for him there!

All hands on deck, says Farm Bureau

The American Farm Bureau has called for a National Day of Prayer for Drought Victims. Read the story here.

Social media on the farm...

Just wait... pretty soon we'll be getting yield reports on our Twitter feed and not think twice about it. Here's a report in the Des Moines Register: Farmers focus on social media, by Marco Santana. (Or here's the PDF). A conference, AgIowa, was just held in Ames to discuss this.

Farming becomes 'big city' news

August 17: Farmers know it's a tough year, and now the rest of the country does too. Here are some new stories this week: click here for Brian Williams on NBC, and click here for an MSNBC story.  This is a farming story, an economic story and a food story! Farming is "big city" news now.

In case you didn't notice.... It's been HOT!

August 9: Yes, it's been hot, and it wasn't just the humidity. The New York Times reported the results of US data that July was the hottest month since the US started keeping track in 1895. Now we wait to see what the final data will be for US crop production. 

New feature: Speak your mind in new ATG forum

August 9: Take a look at the new forum on the Against The Grain TV website. Got an opinion about farming today? Or crop insurance, the drought, or political positions on agriculture? This is the place to speak your mind.

ATG in entertainment industry publication

August 7:  Against The Grain was featured in the TV entertainment publication, Cynopsis. Cynopsis is a popular daily publication for people "in the industry" (in other words, people who make TV shows). They have 150,000 subscribers in over 58 countries. Here's what they wrote...

"A one-hour special, Against The Grain: The Year Mother Nature Struck Back recounts what is happening currently on American farms during one of the worst droughts since the Dustbowl of the 1930s as well as other extreme weather conditions such as floods and tornadoes. The special, from producers Robb Weller and Gary Grossman along with industry marketing veteran Harold Weitzberg, who also serves as executive producer and creator as well as agriculture expert Al Kluis is an introduction to the series in development, Against The Grain. Cynopsis Media spoke to Weitzberg and according to him the series will follow farm families through the growing season as they manage the impacts caused by weather, family, financial pressure and markets. The first airings of the special happened over this past weekend in Joplin, Quad Cities, Fort Wayne and Greensboro. "Viewer reaction was extremely positive," said Weitzberg. "Premieres and secondary showings will continue through November and the show is being picked up by local TV stations." Continued Weitzberg, "We are posting broadcast dates and stations on our website at

Cynthia Turner, the recently retired founder of Cynopsis, is a former stunt-woman, trapeze artist, and professional bull rider, all qualities of a good farmer. Thank you Cynopsis!

New feature: Our coast-to-coast broadcast map

Just when you were wondering, "Where will Against The Grain be on TV?"... here's the answer! Take a look at our broadcast map, a new feature on the website. Click on any of the tiny TVs to see available broadcast details. Use the 'zoom' function to zoom in. If you don't see a date or time yet for a particular broadcast location, be patient: We post that information as soon as we get it. And remember: If you missed the broadcast in your area, and would like to have the show re-broadcast--or if you don't see it scheduled in your area yet-- please ask us for it. We will relay that information to the stations and do our best to bring Against The Grain to your neighborhood.

New feature: "Friends of Against The Grain"...

Organization and businesses--which includes, of course, farms--show the world your support for America's farmers by being a "Friend of Against The Grain"! We've started a 'hall of fame' for companies and groups that are reaching out to let people know about the show. If you want to join us, send in your company or farm logo (or photo), and a link to your website (or blog, Facebook page, etc). In return, post our show logo on your site. Let's get people talking!

Bring it back, by popular demand!

Aug 6: Reports are in that the first broadcasts this weekend were a big hit! We're already getting requests for repeat airings in Joplin, Missouri, and for a broadcast in Ames, Iowa. As a result, we've made a new page on the website to gather these requests... bring them on! We'll deliver the requests to the show distributor and the local stations... and to our future show sponsors!

Where's Harold?

Aug 5: Harold Weitzberg, co-creator of Against The Grain, will be arriving in Albuquerque, New Mexico today for the Ag Media Summit. This 4-day event is the ag industry's largest meeting of ag editors, writers, photographers, publishers... and now farm TV moguls! (Well, okay, not quite mogul.) Harold will be wearing one of our 'limited edition' Against The Grain hats, and we're hoping to get photo evidence tracking Harold around the expo and events. Send us your snaps!

What farmers are thinking about this weekend...

August 4: Did you ever wonder what a farmer thinks about when they're out in the tractor driving across fields at 5 mph for 10 hours a day? Here's a sample, on today's "Radio Al". Al Kluis, who you can see in Against The Grain, is a marketing advisor. That's farmer-style 'marketing': Telling farmers when to sell (or 'market') their grain. Grain prices have been more volatile this year than ever before. Selling at the right--or wrong--time can make or break a farm. It's a sure bet that farmers spend a lot of time thinking about it while they're driving the tractor... or having supper... or going to town... or trying to sleep on a long hot summer night. (Approx 11 min audio; plays best in Internet Explorer).

Drought report on NPR

August 4: Farming is unfortunately top news right now because of the drought. Today it's even featured on Weekend Edition on NPR. Click here to listen to the story, or click here to read the full story from NPR.

New station added

Aug. 3:  New station added to the line-up! Boise/Twin Falls Idaho KIDI is going to broadcast Against The Grain.

Casting Call!

Are you a full-time grain farmer or livestock producer? Casting for the 2013 season begins in September 2012. Four farm families will be chosen from around the Corn Belt. Americans from coast to coast will follow their ups and downs during the 2013 farm season when the show airs starting fall 2013. Check back for specifics including how to apply.

August Premiere of Against The Grain

Roll out the red carpet--and the green carpet, too--for the August premiere of Against The Grain at a movie cinema in Omaha, Nebraska. Stay tuned for more details as the pilot episode of Against The Grain prepares to launch nationwide.