Against The Grain Productions, LLC

The partners in the venture include...

Robb Weller and Gary Grossman, Owners of the Emmy Award Winning TV company, Weller/Grossman Productions

Together, Robb and Gary have produced more than 9,000 programs for 36 networks including hundreds of hours of observational documentary TV shows. They have received the highest honor from the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, The Governor’s Emmy for Exemplary Programming for their documentary “Healing the Hate.” They are also Emmy Award winners for their Food Network series, “Wolfgang Puck.”

Al Kluis and Katie Thompson, Owners of Kluis Publishing and Kluis Commodities.

Al is a well-known and trusted commodity broker and grain marketing consultant. He is a regular columnist for Successful Farming magazine, and writes daily and weekly market analysis for farmers throughout the Grain Belt. Katie, Al’s partner in both companies, is the chief editor and manager of Kluis Publishing. She works with Al to bring his knowledge and experience to the greater agriculture community. Together, they created and continue to publish the Kluis Commodity Calendar and the Al Kluis Farmer’s Almanac. Katie and Al have been instrumental in educating the “Hollywood” part of the team about the world of farming today, and remain involved in managing and producing the show.

Harold Weitzberg, Owner of Weitzberg Consulting, Inc.

Harold is a Brand and Marketing expert who has been responsible for the development and growth of major entertainment and consumer brands including Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Goosebumps, Veggietales and more.

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